Mozambique introduces measures to curb public officials expenses

Finance Minister Adriano Maleiane

MAPUTO – The Mozambican government has  stopped paying housing rentals and selling official vehicles to state  officials, who receive a subsidy equivalent to 30 percent of their basic  monthly salary, a decree law published last Wednesday on the country’s  official bulletin announced.

The decree, approved as part of a set of measures to contain public  expenditure, added that the State would only continue to bear the cost  of rentals for senior State officials living in rented houses for one  more year, setting the maximum limit at 120 000 meticais (about US$2 000) per month.

The end of the sale of official vehicles makes it impossible for government officials, especially Ministers, to buy, for personal gain, the vehicles in which they were transported when they were in office.

The new rules establish a maximum amount of 5 000 meticais (US$84) for  fuel for the personal vehicles of senior State officials and holders of  government positions, and the same amount is also set for fuel for  members of the boards of state sector companies, public funds and other  public institutions with administrative and financial autonomy.

The President of the Republic, President and Vice Presidents of the  Mozambican Parliament, the President of the Supreme Court, President of  the Administrative Tribunal, President of the Constitutional Council and  Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General remain exempt from the new  rules.

Mozambican Economy and Finance Minister Adriano Maleiane said on  Saturday the government expected to save 7.2 billion meticais (US$120 million) from the new measures. – New Ziana


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