Old Mutual continues to support art, culture

The chief executive director of Old Mutual, Jonas Mushosho (seated centre) during a Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) Press conference held at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Arts Correspondent
The arts sector has been receiving increased support from a number of corporations and this has increased their visibility and has promoted their sustainable development.

Artists need to establish themselves and create a profession that will last a lifetime and sustain them financially.

Corporations such as the Old Mutual and their continued support of art has helped artists gain business connections and enough exposure to establish themselves.

Chief executive director of Old Mutual, Jonas Mushosho touched on the corporation’s continued support of arts and culture during a Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) Press conference held at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Old Mutual continues to support the arts and culture and it can be noted that last year it was also one of the sponsors of the International Conference on African Cultures, which was hosted at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

It has also been partnering with the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) and Alliance Francaise. The organisation’s passion for arts and culture has influenced its constant support.

The Old Mutual has since established a financial literacy programme that will offer programmes to the public on how they acquire knowledge on how to manage their funds.

There is hope that this programme will also be beneficial towards artists so that they are able to manage their income in a way that will sustain them while they continue to execute their talent. This can be seen as a way in which Old Mutual tries to connect with the rest of the community through art and culture and also promote the sustainable development of arts.

Corporations have been associating themselves with the art industry and supporting the sector as they can accomplish one or more of their corporate social responsibility objectives by investing in the arts.

The participation of corporations such as the Old Mutual has a positive impact on cultural institutions as it helps aspiring artists establish themselves to the competitive world.

Since businesses are not obliged to support art and culture, Old Mutual’s continued support of the arts sector only reflects its passion towards this sector as it tries to uplift emerging artists and give back to the community.

Old Mutual has been supporting arts and culture, as it has an increased passion in ensuring artists express themselves and as a way of supporting the rest of the community. The corporations support and promotion the revival of the country’s economy.

Their continued support bridges the gap between the community and the business sector. Its participation in the arts and culture driven festival HIFA gives artists the opportunity to rub shoulders with international stars who will also be participating during the festival.

There is an increasing need for business associations to associate more with the art sector as this validates to employees and audience the commitment it has towards the sector to while considering ways to reach new audiences.

When corporations give their support, this broadens the audience, therefore, increases awareness of the company to the public.

Sidford and Rabkin (2014) state that arts and cultural organisations are usually significant to the rest of the society and they make sure that interesting programmes and shows are available and accessible to all for example HIFA and the International Conference on African Cultures (ICAC) that was hosted by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

When business corporations become involved in such programmes that increase and magnify the roles that arts and culture organisations play in making the society more dynamic and meaningful.

Above all, it is important to note that a company’s recognition of the importance of art and investment in art promotes a positive societal engagement and reflects on the importance of the art industry while developing the nation’s economy.

The participation of a number of organisations in the arts and culture has promoted local artists making sure that they reach greater heights.


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