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 Robert Gonye
This week I discuss 5 attributes that point to the possibility that you could be an entrepreneur and employment is not your thing. If you find all or most of these in your character then entrepreneurship could be a worthwhile pursuit.

Number 1

Are you a curious person? Are you an experimenting person? Having many ideas and being inquisitive. Always asking why and why not? Curiosity did not kill a cat but it made an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs find way to provide a service or a product better, faster and cheaper.

Number 2

Are you a risk taker? Willing to bet on your abilities and effort. Not willing to stay in the comfort zone and doing necessary things to get your desires. Risk is now considered the new safe, something one writer said” giving up the silver to get the gold”.

Number 3

Do you hate being micro managed? Both at school and work. A dislike of being told what to do when to do it. Do those who know you label you unorthodox, a rule breaker? Simply because rule breakers are also game changers.

Number 4

Do you have a desire to be rich? Then that is a great clue that you are destined to be an entrepreneur. Yes entrepreneurs desire to serve humanity in different aspects but the desire to be rich is necessary to then truly succeed. This drive is the best. The desire to live well above the just surviving level is definitely a clue.

Number 5

Do you hate to settle down? Do you hate stopping, slowing down and always on the go? Do you have high energy levels and feel you are just wasting not focusing it on any thing.

If you have noticed these 5 things present then, you should really think about being an entrepreneur. It’s time to dive into the water and swim your way to the gold medal grand stand. This is your Time take courage!

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