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COMMENT: Shares are sold in bull runs

The recent dramatic bull run on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, has many sources, but sheer greed and a probable misunderstanding of just what a...

We need structural reforms for self, not just for FDI

The reasons behind our perpetual debt and policy ineffectiveness Chris Chenga In July at a G20 summit, newly elected French president, Emmanuel Macron, was chastised for...

Advancing financial inclusion through digitisation of Govt receipts

Gerald Nyakwawa Today, merchant payment flows, with an estimated value of $80 billion are now a significant feature in the national payment landscape. It is...

Somehow you ought to have a white shirt

Tafadzwa Zimoyo (The Boss) Business Closet I always get fascinated with men when it comes to fashion and colour. I had a chat with local...

CSC debts clearance scheme nears finality

Golden Sibanda Government is finalising a scheme of arrangement to clear over $25 million in Cold Storage Company debts ahead of the $18 million fresh...