Zim-Asset to be extended beyond 2018


Martin Kadzere
Zimbabwe is looking at extending and staggering the implementation of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Economic Transformation until 2040, according to sources familiar with the development.
Zim-Asset, the country’s economic blueprint was launched in October 2013 and is due to run until October next year.
Sources said the move to stretch the implementation of the programme came following realisation that the five year horizon was “too short to implement the plan.” The financial resources needed are also huge.
“It is Zim-Asset II; Vision 2040 and what will basically happen is a staggered implementation,” one of the sources said.
“Discussions are still ongoing.
“It was not realistic to achieve some of the targets in five years considering the resources needed to fund the plan, particularly infrastructure projects and key economic enablers.”
The sources said considerations were also being looked into to come up with a fifth pillar, which will focus on the macro-economic framework, in addition to the existing four strategic clusters are: food security and nutrition; social services and poverty eradication; infrastructure and utilities as well as value addition and beneficiation.
“Zim-Asset has been a success but five years were too short to meet some of the targets,” another source said.
“Instead of coming up with a successor programme, it is more ideal to build on what has been achieved to meet some of the targets in the blueprint.”
Efforts to get a comment from Economic Planning Minister Obert Mpofu were unsuccessful.
Economic analysts say while the five year implementation horizon seemed to have been too short to meet targeted deliverables, Zim-Asset has helped reinvigorate the economy.
Analysts say the completion of Tokwe Mukosi Dam for instance and the unfolding Beitbridge-Chirundu highway under the Infrastructure and Utilities Cluster enhanced by the modelling of Public Private Partnerships was commendable.
The ongoing expansion of Kariba South Power Station will go a long way in stabilising power supply.
Command Agriculture and the Presidential Input Scheme have helped restoring food security while the intervention of the Office of the President and Cabinet also helped in speeding up modelling of PPPs.
“So there is still more opportunities to build on what has already been achieved while more time to implement the plan is needed.
From investors’ point of view, Vision 2040 is more ideal to build confidence as investors can make long-term decisions.”


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